Proposal for Event Listing Section Enhancement


This proposal outlines a plan to enhance your current website by introducing a new, dedicated section for event listings. Each event will have its own detailed page, offering comprehensive information to users. This project aims to increase user engagement and provide accessible details about upcoming events.

Scope of Work

1. Event Listing Section with Detailed Pages

We will create a new section on the website devoted to event listings. Each event will have a detailed page with all the necessary information.

2. Content Strategy and Wireframing

Our team will develop a content strategy for the new section, ensuring it meets user needs and aligns with SEO best practices. We will create wireframes for the event listing section and detailed pages, showing content layout across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

3. Development and Design

The new section will be built in Framer, focusing on responsive design for accessibility across all devices. We will seek your approval on wireframes and final designs before proceeding with development.

4. Content Integration and Optimisation

We will integrate content into the new section, optimising it for search engines to drive traffic and increase awareness

Project Approach

The project will be approached with flexibility, allowing for either fixed cost or hourly billing based on your preference

Next Steps

roposal Submission

Upon your review of this proposal, we aim to have it signed off by the **end of the day** to commence work on the project.

Project Kick-off

Upon approval, we will begin development and design work, liaising with you to integrate content and optimise the new section for SEO.

This proposal presents a comprehensive plan to enhance your website with a dedicated event listing section, designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with your goals and budget.